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Get Health Insurance
That Goes Where You Go

(And Save!)

You love being a travel nurse. You

love seeing new places and working

in different environments.

What you don't love is having to

change your health insurance with

every new contract. And having to

pay high premiums.

New - Simplified Short term health insurance enrollment.

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Customized Low-Cost
Health Insurance for
Travel Nurses

With 16 years of experience with health insurance, ANSUN Insurance offers premium health insurance that goes where you do - and saves you money every month.


While travel nursing can be adventurous,
having health insurance shouldn't be.

Here are a
few things
you can
count on
with our

  • Customized to give you the coverage, benefits and premiums you want

  • Coverage for you or your whole family

  • Complete portability from state to state

  • PPO coverage without any network restrictions

  • Use the doctors or hospitals of your choice

  • Free Tele-medicine for non-emergency treatment

  • Enroll anytime - no open enrollment periods

  • And much more!


It's not what we say.

It's what other travel

nurses say about us!

Meet Renee • Cardiology Nurse, TX

Image of a female nurse

"My ANSUN Insurance Group agent listened to our needs and was able to get us more than we could imagine for the price and coverage we were looking for. They know their products and were very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and quick to provide service around our busy schedules.
I highly recommend them to all my friends and co-workers!”

Want to learn more
(without being hassled?)

Learn More 1

Fill out this form and we will send you an email with a short video to help you understand why ANSUN'S

insurance solutions are different from the rest. We will explain the process in an easy way. Then it's

up to you if you want to get a formal quote and talk with a representative. We respect your privacy.

(Your information is kept private and is only used internally to communicate with you. We DO NOT share or sell any data to any 3rd parties.)

Current Insurance

Thank you! Your request has been recieved. Please check your email in-box for our email message that contains the video link.

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