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Do I need nurse professional liability insurance when my employer covers me?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Do I really need nurses professional liability insurance? The short answer is Yes! Many nurses don't know that even if you are covered by the employers blanket policy, this policy works in the interest of the employer. There may be times when that interest is the same as yours, but in other scenarios you need someone who has your best interest in mind. In purchasing your own policy, you are guaranteed that if you ever face allegations, there is someone representing you. Complaints to the board of nursing are generally not covered by a hospital or employer plan. Employer policies may cover you in a lawsuit but if a complaint is filed to the board of nursing, you run the risk of losing the license you worked so hard to earn.

Often times nurses are considered “independent contractors,” making them excluded from the coverage purchased by the doctor.

When it comes to getting your own professional liability insurance, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You will never regret purchasing the best coverage you can afford. Don’t wait until you risk losing your license to consider nurse professional liability insurance.

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