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Travel nurses have limited options...

Travel nurses have limited options when it comes to health insurance, but there are a few options available. According to several sources [1][2][3][4][5], the two main options for health insurance for travel nurses are agency-provided health insurance and individual (private) health insurance with the Marketplace.

The health insurance that is sometimes offered by the travel nursing agency can have it's pros and cons. While these plans can have favorable premiums, the main drawbacks for these plans is the lack of coverage between assignments, and it is possible that an agency's plan could be delayed, leaving a nurse without insurance until after their assignment has already started [6]. It is important to carefully consider the pros and cons of agency-provided health insurance before making a decision.

Individual health insurance can be purchased on the private market. Other options mentioned by some sources include short-term health insurance and ACA-compliant plans. Overall, it is important for travel nurses to carefully consider their unique situation and needs when choosing a health insurance option.

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